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GRAPH’IT spare tips

The GRAPH’IT alcohol markers were designed to last. As the tip is the most fragile part of the marker, and  Continue Reading »

How to use GRAPH’IT screen stones transfer for manga?

What is a screen stone ? Screen stones are sheets of black and grey patterns designed to be applied on  Continue Reading »

GRAPH’IT’s Speech bubble template for Comics and Manga

The GRAPH’IT’s speech bubble template is an innovative accessory to trace perfect comics or manga speech bubbles !   Like  Continue Reading »

Create effects & textures! Graph’it Transfer Screen Stones

Découvrez les trames Graph’it Transfer, un concept inédit et simple pour créer des effets!

Shake Ink : opaque and permanent paint ink

Encres peinture pigmentées opaques et permanentes

MIX’IT Palette : GRAPH’IT colour chart has no limit !

The blending palette Mix’It is a new tool for alcohol based marker.   Designed from an amazing semi transparent material,  Continue Reading »

Roll & Go : the new wallet

  A new wallet case for alcohol based markers.   Once opened on your work table, the colors cap are  Continue Reading »