Timeless, neutral and trendy: discover all the shades of grey offered by the new generation of GRAPH’IT Brush alcohol markers.


From cold grey to warm grey!

The GRAPH’IT Brush alcohol marker offers a pallet of 27 shaded greys. Hot or cold, pink or powdery, all shades for successful illustrations.

The different ranges of grey shades: Cool Greys, Warm Greys and Neural Greys are available in 9 shades each ranging from lightest to darkest. You will achieve sophisticated gradients and homogeneous colors.

Tip : The colour code of all GRAPH’IT colour charts starts with the number 9.

These different shades as well as the quality of the two Japanese tips of the GRAPH’IT Brush is the perfect combination for unique results! nuanicer greys


The Graph’it Brush id a unique marker, with a combination of unique nibs : an extra fine 05 mm nib for detail work and a flexible brush nib for feathering and colouring.

It is also refillable using the 25 ml Graph’it ink bottles. Each marker can be refilled at least 5 times with one bottle.


12 shades of grey : the set

For example, find the Set of 12 GRAPH’IT Brush & Extra Fine Mix Greys markers!

An assortment of 12 grey, cold, warm and neutral products in a white rigid plastic storage case with a snap closure.

A box set that will perfectly suit multiple pictorial techniques: from comic strips to architecture, design, landscape design and traditional illustration.

Set mix grey