A tutoriel made by Antoine DACHEVILLE, guest artist


Hello everyone, we are meeting today for a new tutorial on the use of GRAPH’IT Brush markers.


GRAPH’IT markers have innovated and now have two ranges of alcohol markers : the GRAPH’IT Marker and the GRAPH’IT Brush.

The difference is in the tips since the Brush range is composed of a brush tip, and an extra-fine 0.5mm tip. The brush tip is both firm for fine lines and flexible to facilitate your colorization. The extra-fine lead allows you to complete your colorization, especially on the most detailed areas of your drawing. Thus, we will see how to use GRAPH’IT Brush in the comic book style and how to make a gradient of grey.


The equipment

4 GRAPH’IT Brown markers of the “Neutral Grey” grey scale: 9501, 9502, 9503 and 9505. Here is, visually, the rendering of the 4 colors on Bristol paper.

A white SHAKE extra-thin tip 0.7mm. The SHAKE is an opaque paint marker for all surfaces.


Pointes Brush Neutral Grey Pointes fines Neutral grey



Gradient with alcohol markers

This photo tutorial follows the previous tutorial on inking a comic book arm with the GRAPH’IT Liner.We will therefore start from a drawing already inked.

First, we will break down each step to make a gradient with our grays. Of course, it is the same technique for all other colours.

In order to visualize well, I have delimited two zones: that of the 9503 marker and that of the 9505.


Etape 1 : délimiter les zones


I start by colouring zone 05 with the brush tip of the 9505 from its end to the middle of zone 05. The advantage of the brush effect allows me to have a much lighter line towards the end of my gesture.


Etape 2 : colorier


Then, I apply the same movements with the grey 9503 starting this time from the middle of zone 05 to zone 03.


Etape 2 : colorier


You will get a result that will seem far from being a gradient, but don’t panic, it’s normal!

Let’s move on to the third step, which is to do the same thing again by using the 9505 and then 9503 marker.


Etape 3 : repasser


It is in this second pass that the fade is more clearly distinguished.

All I have to do now is color the end of zone 03 with “Neutral Grey” 9503.


Etape 4 : colorier la fin


Always keeping the same direction of the line, i.e. (in my case) from right to left.


Sens du trait


Tip: since we work with alcohol markers, several passages can cause excess alcohol to pass through your paper. So, instead of using only the brush tip, remember to use the extra-fine tip as well, especially to color the ends of your drawing. As a result, you work on a clean drawing with always clear lines.


Here is the gradient result with all the markers.


Rendu du dégradé


You can use this technique for the other colors on a gradient basis and also from an even darker base to a lighter base.

Tutorial steps

Now that we have understood how to make a gradient, all that remains is to apply it to our drawing. So I take up my drawing inked with one arm like a comic book. draving inked with one arm like a comic book. Before starting, it is important to visualize the relief of the arm. This will help you create dark and light areas corresponding to the muscles. So I start with the darkest parts with the 9505.


Etape 1 bras


I use the gradient technique seen above by going back once or twice with the 9503, alternating with the 9505.


Etape 2 bras


I do the same with the 9502 marker and finish with the 9502 and 9501.


Etape 3 brasEtape 4 bras


In order to give a more realistic look, I use the extra-fine tip 9503 and then 9502 on the right forearm.


Résultat du tutoriel


We will notice that this gives relief to our forearm. I do exactly the same for the shoulder.


Tip: in order to give even more contrast to my drawing, I use an extra-fine white  SHAKEtip (0.7mm) and I go back to the edges of the lines I have inked. This technique will allow you to bring more nuances to your drawing.


Bras terminé


And that’s it, our comic book arm is now colored!


In conclusion, the GRAPH’IT Brush range stands out for its double functionality: two totally different tips, but which complement each other perfectly for your manga, comic or realistic drawings. Its two tips allow you to adjust your gradient as you wish.

Example of realizations

Here are some examples of drawings made with the Neutral Grey Brush range (from 9500 to 9507), a Polychromos black pencil and a white SHAKE:



Réalisation Hulk GRAPH'IT

Réalisation Spider Man GRAPH'it


I hope this tutorial has been useful to you! Good colouring with GRAPH’IT!


To discover other works by the artist Antoine Dacheville:

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/artuniverse6/