Discover all the colours of the GRAPH’IT Brush range!

96 colors to make vibrate!

Nuancier 96 couleurs Graph'it BrushGRAPH’IT BRUSH Color Chart


This 96-colour colour chart shows the different colours available in the new generation of GRAPH’IT Brush alcohol markers.

15 completely new colours!

Did you know the GRAPH’IT Marker colour chart? So here are the 15 new colours proposed in the GRAPH’IT Brush colour chart:

  • The 5 browns

ew earth tones treated in homogeneous gradations as well as grey scales. From Brown 1 (3010), Brown 2 (3020), Brown 3 (3040), Brown 4 (3050) or Brown 5 (3060) in regular saturation intervals.

  • 4 warm colours

A new fruity orange with a sweet tinge of Melon (2102).
Two delicate pinks : Quartz Rose (5118) and Blush (5145)
Finally, a powdery purple : Powder Violet (6145)

  • 6 cold colours

Two new blues : le Storm Sky (7112) only available in the set Home & Fashion 2017 in GRAPH’IT Marker version and the Indigo (7185).
Finally, let’s go green ! The Sage Green (8112), the Celaddon (8118), the Jade (8125) and the Matcha (8315).


A wide range of colours!

The flesh

First, a range of flesh colours : shades Nude (4150) or Porcelain (4105) are ideal for colouring human skin.

The greys

Then, 27 of the 40 grays of the GRAPH’IT Marker color chart are included in the GRAPH’IT Brush marker color chart!  Thus, cool greys (Cool Greys), warm and pink greys (Warm Greys) and neutral greys (Neutral Greys) will allow you to achieve homogeneous gradients.

The refreshing blues

The GRAPH’IT Brush range also offers a complete blue gradient! From the lightest blue, through pastel and turquoise, to the darkest blue, this colour chart offers 15 shades of blue, two of which are exclusive.


The incandescent yellows

To put energy and dynamism into your drawings, GRAPH’IT also offers a palette of yellows, from the lightest to the brightest.


Reds and pinks

From passionate reds to soft pinks, this palette of colours offers all the colours you need for your illustrations.


In short, a balanced colour chart with new colours, continuously updated to meet the expectations of designers!



GRAPH’IT color coding

0000 : Blender (marqueur without color)

11 : Yellow

12 : Yellow Orange

21 : Orange

30 : Brown

31 : « warm » brown

41 : Flesh

51 : Pink to Magenta

52 : Red

61 : Mauve purple

71 : Blue

72 : Blue green

81 : Green

82 : Green yellow

83 : Green Grey

91 : Cool Grey

94 : Warm grey

95 : Neutral grey

99 : Black


Download the colour chart with the link here

GRAPH’IT BRUSH colour chart


The Blank Colour Chart is also available by download !