Browns are one of the essential colours for any illustrator ! For architecture, fashion, industrial design or culinary drawings, also for nature representations and all the traditional illustrations, browns are almost unavoidable !

Considered as the ultimate color of earth, brown is one of the most common colours in the world of animal and plants, organic and mineral. This warm shade is associate with softness and confidence.

Unique brown shades

At the request of artists who appreciate the grey shades found in most alcohol markers brands, the new generation GRAPH’IT Brush twin tip refillable marker offers in its colour chart a range of browns designed in gradual shades with regular saturation interval: from Brown 1 (3010) to Brown 5 (3060).

These are unique shades on the alcohol markers market !

Nuancier bruns



The extra-thin 0,5 mm tip allows to work with precision on the finest details such as clothes, facial features, hairs or food. The long and responsive brush tip is ideal for large flat areas, for retouching shadows and creating gradients.

There are 96  different colours : discover the complet Graph’it Brush Color chart !