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Interview with Antoine Dacheville (Artuniverse6)

Antoine Dacheville is an artist who has been passionate about manga and comics for the past ten years. He is  Continue Reading »

INTERVIEW – Mr TA, creator of the TVHLAND website

  TVHLAND is both a community site for manga fans and designers and an e-shop for the material needed for  Continue Reading »

Meet Axel Egolf

Today we present you Axel Egolf a young student fascinated by cars, motorcycles and industrial design.   Passionate by design  Continue Reading »

Meet with a scrapbooking addict !

Passionate by craft projects, Mimi began her career in the arts and craft industry 18 years ago, hosting various workshops.  Continue Reading »

Meet Djigui Timite aka Djiguito !

Meet with Gerald Guerlais

Interview : Nadou, hexagonal mangaka

Nadou is a french illustrator who works in an elaborate “manga” style. Author in partnership with Sobral of the comic  Continue Reading »