Useful and practical, the new GRAPH’IT Lightboard is an essential work tool for mangakas and animation designers. Ultra-light and ultra-thin (6 mm), the GRAPH’IT lightboards are equipped with a touch button to adjust the brightness of the LED lighting at 4 different levels, up to 3600 lux. The LED light thus diffuses a heat-free and homogeneous luminosity with a lifetime of more than 30,000 hours without maintenance. The lightboards are equipped with non-slip rubber feet to ensure good adherence to the work table. The light surface is framed by a printed ruler.

 Table lumineuse Graphit

NEW : The GRAPH’IT Lightboards are now equipped with a high performance and reversible USB-C connector!


A nomadic lightboard for drawing everywhere

Nomadic A4 format

Easy to transport, the A4 model can be powered by an external mobile phone battery! Compact and lightweight, its size (36 x 28cm) fits perfectly into a backpack for outdoor work!


Nomadic A3 format

The A3 model (48 x 36 cm), is also extra thin (6mm) and ultra light, but it allows to work on larger formats. It also works with an external mobile phone battery for on-the-go drawings in convention shows.


Lightboard Graph'It format A4

Table lumineuse A3 Graph'It



A versatil tool for artists

The GRAPH’IT Lightboard are popular in the field of animation, they make it possible to trace a basic drawing and reproduce manga or comic strip illustrations from one paper to another. The bright surface shines through the bottom paper and allows to trace the drawing on the top paper. They are also used in creative leisure activities such as scrapbooking, journaling, architecture, design, calligraphy, tattoo design, etc.


To use them, nothing could be easier: superimpose a blank sheet of paper on the illustration you want to reproduce and place both on the light table. Draw the outline of the drawing with a pencil. Then ink the outline with a GRAPH’IT liner precision marker.


To complete the illustrator’s toolkit, GRAPH’IT also offers transparent flexible plastic perspective grids. Apply to the lightboard below the drawing, they allow to easily place objects and characters in a scene with a correct perspective taking into account the horizon line and the different vanishing points. 4 models are available: frontal perspective, cube in angled perspective, low angle or high angle perspective as well as slanted perspective.

Lightboard grille perspective

Ultimately, Lightboard GRAPH’IT and perspective grids are suitable for many artistic techniques. They are therefore an essential tool for designers, artists and amateurs.


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