Perspective is an important aspect of drawing. Mastered by professional illustrators, this technique can be a challenge for beginners. GRAPH’IT has developed an easy-to-use accessory to help  you  understand this complex drawing method.


What is perspective in drawing ?

Perspective is a technique used to illustrate the 3D depth perceived by the human eye on a flat 2D surface. It thus makes it possible to represent an object in 3D on a flat surface like a sheet of paper.

Perspective was invented by Italian Renaissance painters such as Leonardo da Vinci. It is a technique based on geometry and mathematics. There are different kinds of perspectives: the frontal, plunging or oblique perspective or the perspective with one, two or three escape points. So many varied techniques to represent architectural drawings, landscapes, characters or objects of everyday life.

To create a perspective in your drawing, you must take into account two main elements: the horizon line and the viewer’s point of view with respect to that line, as well as the vanishing points. These elements allow the characters or objects in the drawing to be placed at a correct distance from each other.


4 GRAPH’IT Perspective Grids to choose from

GRAPH’IT has created a range of 4 different grids to facilitate the creation of a perspective in your drawings. They are all in A4 format and printed on flexible and transparent plastic.

Simply place the perspective grid under your drawing paper to see the perspective lines appear. Your paper must be thin enough to let the lines through..

With a light table like the LIGHTBOARD GRAPH’IT, you can first place the perspective grid on the light table, then the drawing paper over it, which allows better visibility and comfort.

These perspective grids are ideal for technical drawing, illustration or comics. They can also be used for all types of drawings.


Grilles de perspectives A

Oblique/ angled perspective with 2 vanishing points


Grille de perspective B

Frontal perspective with a high angle or low angle view – 1 vanishing point


Grille de perspective C

Frontal perspective – 1 vanishing point


Grille de perspective D

Cube in frontal perspective – 2 vanishing points

Street in frontal perspective – 1 vanishing point