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Alcohol Marker


SET HOME & FASHION 2018 Graph’It vous présente l’édition 2018 du fameux set Home & Fashion issu de la collaboration annuelle avec  Continue Reading »

Essential manga set !

The complete set for Mangaka in 1 handy wallet     The MANGA ESSENTIALS SET by GRAPH’IT is designed to  Continue Reading »

THE BOX: that’s the name of this new Graph’it box set!

Discover the new Graph’it alcohol marker set! “The box” is a box containing 80 colours of the Graph’it colour chart  Continue Reading »

Customize your Graph’It Markers !

Testez la pointe pinceau !
Test the brush nib!

Roll & Go : the new wallet

  A new wallet case for alcohol based markers.   Once opened on your work table, the colors cap are  Continue Reading »

One click and marker is securely closed

The impermeability of an alcohol-based marker is critical for its longevity.   Alcohol based ink evaporates quickly, that is why  Continue Reading »

Téléchargez la doc pocket / Download pocket doc