The importance of the drawing paper quality


To obtain the best results, the quality of the drawing surface, most of the time paper, is important. To make good art, you need good tools: a good marker with a good tip but also a good paper!


If you ever tried to draw on standard copy paper with alcohol markers, you understand why …. The ink bleeds, spreads, smudges and penetrates through the paper!


This is due to its composition: alcohol ink does not react like water-based ink, it does not remain on the surface, it penetrates faster and deeper into the paper fibers. This is why we can obtain good shadings with alcohol ink: the way it penetrates the paper fiber is conducive to a good blending effect.




Therefore, special paper is required. One paper made for alcohol marker is the layout paper, a thin paper of 75 gram per square meter thickness, with an insulating layer which stops the alcohol ink from penetrating through the sheet and smudging the sheet beneath. But this papers is best suited for technical drawing or design professionals. For illustrators or mangakas, you need a thicker paper. These are smooth and thick Bristol type papers, of 250g, a thickness big enough to prevent reaching the bottom sheet.


But most do not block the ink completely and if the sheet is heavily charged with ink, it can penetrate. Moreover it is impossible to use these papers on both sides, as the ink from one side shows on the other side.


THE BOOK: The perfect art book for alcohol markers


GRAPH’IT has researched various types of papers to find a solutions that will offer the best of both worlds: a double-sided layout paper with an insulating layer AND a thick smooth extra white paper, which supports a strong charge of ink without letting it spread without control.



From this research, the GRAPH’IT THE BOOK was born: a real double-sided thick layout specially designed for drawing with alcohol markers. This extra-white, smooth and thick paper (300g) prevents the ink from penetrating on the back. So it is finally possible to use the sheet on both sides.


With THE BOOK, the pigmented ink from fineliners dries quickly and does not smudge. The GRAPH’IT MARKER, an alcohol marker known for its generous ink flow, does not spread or bleed.


Artists have told us : it is the paper that they were waiting for !



Available in two sizes, A4 and A5, each art book has 40 double-sided layout sheets, or 80 pages, a thick and durable black cover, a spiral binding and an elegant red rubber to keep the art book firmly  closed during travel. Each sheet is micro perforated to be easily detachable.


And it all comes at a very reasonable price.


Try it! You won’t be disappointed.