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Redesign your space with the desktop display for 36 markers!

Optimizing your organization with the GRAPH’IT desktop display   Tired of a constantly cluttered desk and losing your stuff under  Continue Reading »

Discover the GRAPH’IT Shikishi !

GRAPH’IT launches a range of Shikishi to let artists discover this drawing surface that is still  little known in Europe.  Continue Reading »

GRAPH’IT MARKERS : Discover the 10 sets of 12 colours

The 10 sets of 12 colours GRAPH’IT   THE CLASSIC   This set includes 12 essential colours for all styles  Continue Reading »

Discover the new GRAPH’IT People set

A new set of 12 GRAPH’IT Marker colours : PEOPLE   GRAPH’IT is updating the ‘SKIN’ colour set by extending  Continue Reading »


The importance of the drawing paper quality   To obtain the best results, the quality of the drawing surface, most  Continue Reading »

GRAPH’IT BRUSH : The new 60 colors box

Discover the brand new set of Graph’it Brush and its 60 markers!   60 twin-tip GRAPH’IT Brush markers in an  Continue Reading »

36 Essential GRAPH’IT Brush markers !

The GRAPH’IT Brush 36 colours set is adapted to all types of drawings.   GRAPH’IT Brush is a new generation  Continue Reading »

Miss & Mister GRAPH’IT, poseable figurine for drawing

No more classic wooden mannequin, make way for Miss & Mister GRAPH’IT ! Miss & Mister GRAPH’IT are poseable figurines  Continue Reading »

Technical Tutorial 7 : How to draw a realistic Spiderman ?

Tutorial realized by ARTUNIVERSE (Antoine Dacheville) Hello, we will discover in this new photo tutorial how to make a Spiderman  Continue Reading »