Discover the new colours of GRAPH’IT that will brighten up the 2022 colour chart!


Discover the new colours in the GRAPH’IT colour chart with 10 new colours for GRAPH’IT MARKER and 24 new colours for GRAPH’IT BRUSH! From now on, the colour chart will have together a total of 178 colours.



Introducing to the new colours


The new colours have been carefully chosen in collaboration with artists, to be as close as possible to your needs. They will complete your collection to allow more homogeneous gradients and expand your color palette.


You will now have the choice between 168 colors of GRAPH’IT MARKER and 120 colors of GRAPH’IT BRUSH. Whether you are an amateur artist or a confirmed one, a mangakas or a students in architecture or graphic design, you will find what you need in the new colour chart !


Without further ado, here are the new colours :


The 10 new colours for GRAPH’IT MARKER:

The 10 colors, except Nude 1 and Nude 2, come from the GRAPH’IT BRUSH colour chart but did not exist yet in GRAPH’IT MARKER. Brown 1 to Brown 5, in gradual saturation intervals, are perfect for drawing dark skin or hair. Numbering makes them easier to identify in order to achieve perfectly homogeneous gradients.


Nude 1 and Nude 2 are brand new colours that complement the existing Nude colour, which has been renamed Nude 0. Skin colours are one of the most important and sought-after families. There is a wide variety of skin tones, so there must be a wide variety of shades in the color chart. It’s now done with 30 skin colors in total!


Finally, the Power Violet, Antik Violet and Matcha colours were very popular in GRAPH’IT BRUSH but were not yet existing in the GRAPH’IT MARKER colour chart. You will now be able to find them in both ranges!



The 24 new colours for GRAPH’IT BRUSH:


Since the launch of GRAPH’IT Brush in 2014, the colour chart counted only 96 colors. Many artists were asking for new colours in GRAPH’IT Brush – it’s now done with 24 new colours. They were already popular in GRAPH’IT MARKER, except 5 colours which are completely new (Fresh water 7121 and Nude 1 to 4).


You will find some yellows and oranges, which were missing from the GRAPH’IT Brush colour chart, as well as some skin, brown and blue shades.


The new families of Nude, from 0 to 5, in gradual saturation interval, facilitates the realization of skin gradations. As for the greys, naming them with a number make them easier to identify in order to achieve perfectly homogeneous gradients.



A richer colour palette


The most important features of this new colour chart are the Brown and Nude gradients: you will find these shades in gradual saturation interval ideal to draw light or dark skin or hair with more details and accuracy.


The Browns and the Nudes supplement the Cool, Warm and Neutral Grey families.



Quick summary of the colours in regular saturation intervals for GRAPH’IT MARKER and BRUSH ranges:


  • Brown 1-5
  • Nude 0-2
  • Cool grey 0-9
  • Warm Grey 0-9
  • Neutral Grey 0-9


  • Brown 1-5
  • Nude 0-4
  • Cool Grey 0-8
  • Warm Grey 0-8
  • Neutral Grey 0-8 


 A revision of the colour chart would not be complete without the cancellation of a few colors…


It’s time to say goodbye to the less popular shades of the GRAPH’IT MARKER range: their production will be stopped very soon! Find below the list of colours that will not be renewed in GRAPH’IT MARKER.


Sahara (1230) – Mustard (1280) – Teak (3140) – Pale pearl (4101) – Peach (4175) – Antik pink (5140) – Rosewood(6150) – Granit (6290) – Myosotis (7108) – Pigeon (7109) – Fiord (7110) – Peacock (7280) – Pastel green (8115) – Sequoia (8180) – Pink Grey 3 (9303) – Pink Grey 4 (9304) – Pink Grey 5 (9305) – Pink Grey 6 (9306) – Pink Grey 7 (9307).


If you like them, remember to stock on these colours while supplies last because these markers will soon no longer be available!


Download the GRAPH’IT MARKER colour chart, the GRAPH’IT BRUSH colour chart and the DIY colour chart to help you find your colours!