The GRAPH’IT Brush 36 colours set is adapted to all types of drawings.

GRAPH’IT Brush is a new generation of twin tip alcohol marker. It is equipped with a flexible brush nip for feathering, colouring, shadings, and with an extra fine 0,5 mm brush tip for details, a unique tip combination in alcohol markers.

The markers are provided in a white rigid plastic storage case with snap closure, practical for storing your markers. These 36 colours will satisfy amateur illustrators, art students and professional designers alike.


coffret 36 grap'hit brush


The Graph’it Brush is refillable using the 25 ml Graph’it ink bottle. Each marker can be refilled at least 5 times with one bottle.

The 36 colour selection includes a sample of all colour families :

The incandescent yellows/oranges

Very pale or acidic, they are essential colours that will bring warmth and light to your illustrations.


Natural browns

This set contains essential brown shades for illustrations of architecture or nature for example. GRAPH’IT innovates with a variation of brown in graduated saturation like grey: Brown 1 (3010) to Brown 5 (3050).


Pink/red, flowery shades

From Nude Pink (4150) to Ruby Red (5245), these shades will be ideal for comic and manga artists. Some are perfect for skin colouring.


The luxuriant blues/greens

The shades of blue and green in this set are essential colours that will satisfy landscape illustrators.


The mysterious grey/black

Cold, warm or neutral greys are irremplacable in an “essential” colour set, because these basic colours are perfect for shading.


The Blender

The GRAPH’IT Brush Blender allows you to easily shade and lighten colours to create new ones. Used as a brush it helps gradients creation from a basic colour.
For more information about the Blender, here is a tutorial !


Composition of the 36 colours GRAPH’IT Brush set

Lemon (1130), Sun (1170), Cream (1210), Honey (1250), Mango (2150)

Brown 1 (3010), Brown 4 (3040), Brown 5 (3050)

Cotton (4115), Nude (4150), Satin (5115), Azalea (5125), Blush (5145), Magenta (5160), Coral (5210), Ruby (5245), Burgundy (5280)

Aqua (6110), Powder violet (6145), Sky (7125), Cyan (7150), Colbat (7175), Indigo (7185)

Fresh mint (7220), Tropical sea (7230), Chlorophyll (8150), Forest (8160), Wasabi (8240)

Cool grey 2 (9102), Warm grey 1 (9401), Warm grey 3 (9403), Warm grey 5 (9405), Neutral grey 2 (9502), Neutral grey 4 (9504), Blender (0000), Black (9909).


To complete your assortment, discover the complete GRAPH’IT Brush colour chart, but also the different sets. A 36 essential colours set is also available in the GRAPH’IT MARKER range.