The GRAPH’IT alcohol markers were designed to last. As the tip is the most fragile part of the marker, and also the most important, we made sure to provide 3 interchangeable spare tips to make the marker a new after long time use.


3 different tips for a unique result


If your marker tip is damaged or blunt from rubbing on the paper, it is quite possible to replace the damaged tip with a new one.

GRAPH’IT offers 3 different nylon fiber nibs made in Japan: fine bullet nib, chisel nib and Brush nib. These adapt to the two different GRAPH’IT alcohol markers: the GRAPH’IT Marker and the GRAPH’IT Brush.

Together with the Graph’it ink, your Graph’it alcohol marker become virtually timeless : reffil the ink, change the nib, never throw them away.


The thin replacement nibs


This bag of 6 nips allows you to change the fine bullet nip of your GRAPH’IT markers. It is perfect for details.



pointes de rechange fines


The chisel replacement nib


The wide chisel nib of the GRAPH’IT marker is great for flat uniform areas. It is great for creating shades and quick, “rough” type sketches. This tip can be easily replaced thanks to the bag of 5 suitable replacement nib.



pointes de rechange large biseautée


Brush nib to make all your Graph’it markers like a GRAPH’IT Brush


These nibs can be used to replace the chisel tip of the GRAPH’IT marker turning it into a brush marker. Brush tips, available in bags of 3, are firm enough for fine lines, but flexible enough to facilitate colouring, as if working with a real brush. It is perfect for the feathering shading technique.



pointe de rechanges pinceau graphit brush


Tips on tips !

All the nibs are interchangeable : the chisel nib can replace the brush nib, the fine nib can replace the extra fine.

By adding a fine or chisel tip to a GRAPH’IT Brush with an exclusive Brush color, it becomes a unique marker !

Similarly, by replacing the chisel tip of a GRAPH’IT Marker with a Brush nib, if the color does not exist in the Graph’it Brush color chart, you also have a unique marker.

This way, you’ll never run out of colors or markers.