Discover the set of 36 twin tip alcohol based markers, an essential starting point to start your collection !


A complete and essential set

The markers are presented in a sturdy, lightweight and practical storage case for storage.

This set contains the essential colours for students of Fine arts, design, fashion or architecture as well as for fans of comics, Manga and scrapbooking such as:


  • Shades of grey : cool grey, warm grey and neutral greys
  • Mixed greens and reds
  • Gradient of blues
  • Skin colours …
  • Black and Blender



An ideal marker for students and amateurs

The GRAPH’IT is an alcohol based marker with a Japanese nylon fiber twin tip: a chisel tip and a fine tip. Its wide chisel tip is ideal for colouring large areas, shades and gradients. The fine tip allows you to work on details with precision.

These markers are ideal for use on thick paper, layout paper or even cardboard type paper. Multi-surface, it can also be used for colouring on leather or fabric, on some plastics and sometimes even as a temporary tattoo on the skin.

The bonus? It is a refillable marker : one 25 ml bottle can refill up to 5 empty markers making GRAPH’IT a cost affective and environment friendly alcohol based marker that you never throw away !