No more classic wooden mannequin, make way for Miss & Mister GRAPH’IT !

Miss & Mister GRAPH'IT

Miss & Mister GRAPH’IT are poseable figurines for drawing. They are molded plastic figurines with facial features, muscles, 18 articulation points and 30 rotation axes. More realistic than the classic wooden mannequin, they allow you to learn to draw the human body in movement by realistically reproducing an infinite number of poses.

Each figurine has its own weighted base for better stability. This keeps the figurine stable even when its position moves its center of gravity beyond the area of the base.

Mister GRAPH'IT set

Mister GRAPH’IT set

Miss GRAPH'IT set

Miss GRAPH’IT set










This complete set contains an articulated figurine + 2 pairs of hands + 1 pair of feet + a weighted base to support the figurine + 1 skin tone GRAPH’IT MARKER + detailed instructions with step-by-step tutorial.


Available in female model “Miss Graph’it” (Body Chan) or male model “Mister Graph’it” (Body Kun)


The Miss & Mister GRAPH’IT sets contain two additional pairs of hands in addition to the basic hands. The three types of hands are designed to cover the basic hand positions: open palm hand, closed fist and closed hand holding an object. Objects are not included but one can be inserted into the hand. The set also contains two pairs of feet: a pair of fixed feet and a pair with articulated toes.


Hands and feet are easy to change, however: this product is not a toy. The joints are small and delicate, they must be handled with care.


Use of the Miss & Mister Graph’it figurine

Feel free to take a picture of your pose. Use the photo of the figurine as a reference point to make your first sketch and then detail your drawing before going on to coloring!

You can also import your photo on a graphic tablet to work in digital, or trace the printed image on a Graph’it Lightboard light table.


It is also advisable, for a more realistic effect, to experiment with on the light sources: from the side, behind, above or under the figurine, and to vary the angles of your point of view.


Finally, even if it is not its main function, it is quite possible to customize the figurine. You can for example draw him a tattoo or draw on it with Graph’it Marker the costume of your favorite superhero!

Miss & Mister GRAPH'IT

Miss & Mister GRAPH’IT : Pose it. Sketch it. Colour it.