The GRAPH’IT’s speech bubble template is an innovative accessory to trace perfect comics or manga speech bubbles !


Like a letter template but for speech bubbles


The speech bubble template is a rectangular A4 sheet in transparent acrylic plastic, with laser cut shapes to draw easily speech bubbles for comics or manga. Thoughts or dialogue from characters will come to life in a multitude of forms, like in real comics ! The Speech Bubble Template guarantees that you will always have uniform and perfectly traced bubbles on all your comic strips !

There are two different Speech Bubble templates. Each gives the choice of 25 bubbles of different shapes and sizes ! Oval or rectangular, with smooth edges, star-shaped or cloud-shaped, it’s up to you ! Speech Bubble Templates have graduation in cm on the side, so you can use it as a rule  to create comics boxes.


Speech Bubble Template A      Speech bubble template B


On each bubble, you’ll find different elements to draw the point as well as the shape of the bubble. A little tip : turn the Speech Bubble Template over to get a bubble in the other direction. Also try different points on different bubbles.


Create your own manga or comic book without ever running out of choices!


How to trace a comic bubble ?

Use the GRAPH’IT Liner marker for the outlines of your drawing and for tracing of your bubbles! You will obtain fine and precise lines thanks to its calibrated nibs. Choose the most suitable marker between 003, the thinnest and 1.0, the thickest. Water, light and rubber resistant, the intense black water-based pigmented ink and the fine tip guarantee longevity and precision of the line.



Speech bubble template use