A new set of 12 GRAPH’IT Marker colours : PEOPLE


GRAPH’IT is updating the ‘SKIN’ colour set by extending its colour palette to better represent the diversity of pigmentations in human skins.
With the new set, you will find a larger variety of skin colours, from the lightest to the darkest, to draw the most diverse shades of skin tones !


This new set of 12, renamed «PEOPLE» will be particularly appreciated by comic book illustrators, mangakas, fashion designers or students in art or design school.


Color composition of the set:

Cacao (3180) – Cognac (3150) – Tobacco (3110) – Desert rose (4180) – Light Caramel (4170) – Skin (4155) – Almond (4110) – Ghost (4125) – Cotton (4115) – Flannel (4120) – Porcelain (4105) – Blender (0000).


Thanks to this new and wider selection of colours, you will have at your disposal a palette of nude colours to express your creativity and give life to the most diverse characters!

All our markers are refillable: one 25 ml bottle of GRAPH’IT Ink can refill up to 5 empty markers, making GRAPH’IT a cost affective and environment friendly alcohol-based marker that you never throw away!